With “Aetovigla” as a starting point visitors can explore the broader area, enjoy the natural beauty and meet friendly people. Suggested Destinations
  • Trekking: Follow a path parallel to the gorge of Ag. Irini up to the Krousonas Plateau (1300m) Get to know the endemic plants and herbs of mountain Psiloritis (3500 different kinds), a typical day of the Cretan shepherds and the traditional way of breeding and cheese making. Don’t miss a visit to the traditional “mitata”(arched small buildings made of stone without any connecting materials) the houses of the shepherds. 4km)
  • Visit to the Minoan City of Zominthos, the Observatory, the historic village Anogia (10km), the Nida Plateau and the “Ideon Andron” (the cave where Zeus was born and raised according to mythology )
  • Visit to the women’s monastery of Ag. Irini (1,5km).
  • Walk around the streets of the historic village of Krousonas where you can meet locals, see the workshops of traditional products and the numerous churches each one with its own unique history.
  • Guided tour in the museums of Heraklion City, the Venetian Walls and the Knossos Palace.
  • Get to know the traditional Cretan music and the customs of the island participating in local celebrations (weddings, baptisms) which take place in our tavern, taste the local wine, ”raki” and the world wide famous Cretan olive oil, basic ingredient of local dishes.