Our Tavern

Our Tavern named "Aetovigla" is placed on the foot of mountain Psiloritis in height of 750 m. with a view to the sea an to the Cretan land. It has built with curved stone from people who love their village and are proffessional in their job. The visitor has the idea that this tavern is a part of nature. Materials which have being used, proove it. It's warm and hospitable place with ovens that burn wood and fireplaces.

Close to the beauty and the air of the nature another air from the traditional cuisine of Aetovigla welcome us to discover the secret of good life. Cheese, meat, vegetables from Psiloritis are cooked in fine oil traditionally. Lamp is cooked in wooden oven, goat with spaghetti amd athotiro (local cheese), old goat with tomato sause, sour wheat, fried snails, traditional sausage, cheesepies, pancakes with must syrup are some of the dishes. All the dishes are served with bread of leaven and local wine.

On the way to Aetovigla we find village Krousonas and we see the Agia Irini graphic monastery. Agia Irini is one old monastery. The wild beauty of nature challenges the visitor to walk up to Livadi the plateu of Krousonas.

Look, hear, smell, taste. Enjoy that beauty and feel the senses.
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